Justin Den Herder

Music Fanatic
Music Fanatic
Joke Teller Extraordinaire
Joke Teller Extraordinaire
Coffee Junkie
Coffee Junkie

Justin Den Herder, Founder & CEO

I believe when people are looking for help they want someone who will show up, be ready, be alive, go the extra mile, be honest, be truthful, be transparent, not be afraid to share the bad news and celebrate the victories. It’s about the experience and the journey with the people there to help you, just as much as it’s about the solution. Technology serves only one purpose, it has to be useful to the people it serves.

We will show our clients they should expect more, and they deserve more, and we will continue to bring as many smiles as we can to those we meet."

When we meet, there is a good chance I will have a musical reference or a joke to tell…

Cyndie Den Herder

Uncommon Wine Enthusiast
Alcoholic Grape Juice FanCooking Gadget Collector
Cooking Gadget CollectorHealth Supplements Queen
Health Supplements Queen

Cyndie Den Herder, Co-Founder & President

When we come together and share our experiences that is when the magic happens. Creating a community that connects to share ideas is how life should be and certainly in business. Helping people get to where they want to go and being a part of their journey of success is very rewarding to me. I am deeply honored to support our clients. We approach everything with great pride, integrity and a friendly smile.

My goal is to make it easy for our clients and suppliers to do business with us and I look forward to working with you, too."

Don’t be surprised if I strike up a conversation with you to share about new wines, recipes, restaurants and kitchen gadgets.