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These are values that we have set for ourselves. We are not saying we are perfect, but we genuinely believe in our hearts these core values are worthy of pursuing every day of our life.



We operate with complete integrity. We don’t believe in telling others to do something we are unwilling to do ourselves. We believe in having high moral standards, ethics, and values and always doing things above board. We believe in living with integrity in all areas of our life, not just in the workplace.



We have open and honest communication. It is best to always speak to someone with truth and grace, and it is more important to communicate with each other about what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear. Trust, vulnerability, and growth happen when we embrace this philosophy.



We have a spirit of teamwork in all things. If you want to go far, you go together. We are always more substantial and resilient when we act and work together as a team. The best of who we are gets amplified and strengthened as a team. Surrounding ourselves with unique people will always elevate our growth as individuals.



We take full ownership of ourselves. We must take full responsibility for our work, actions, emotions, words, and character without blaming outside influences or circumstances. We believe in owning our mistakes, learning from them, and working to end the cycle of repeating them. We believe actual ownership will allow us to see things we wouldn’t usually see so we can make the necessary change for growth and maturity.



We embrace growth and innovation. Looking for ways to make things simpler and faster without cutting corners or compromising our integrity and character is essential. Change comes from challenges that make us stronger and better. We believe that comfort equals death. If you are not growing, you are dying.



A little over 12 years ago, Justin was fat, sick, and medicated. At age 35, he was at the pinnacle of his sickness. Even though he did many different diet and exercise programs, none worked long-term, nor did they improve his health. As a business owner, he knew he couldn’t be unhealthy, make poor lifestyle choices, and run a successful business. At the age of 36, he found a solution, and within six months, he completed his health transformation.

Over the last 11+ years, Justin has maintained the health he regained at 36. He and his wife Cyndie didn’t stop after his transformation. They continued to study, learn, apply, and evolve the health and wellness practices that created their healthy and strong bodies. By combining their long-term success, skills, core values, knowledge, and experience, they are helping Business Owners & CEOs condense time to achieve the same results or better. 


To provide a health transformation so exceptional that Christian Business Owners reach a vision of themselves they never thought was possible. To give them hope where hope is lost and experience the inner joy and outward smile of victory over their false beliefs and past failures. For them to be confident, knowing what they achieved will stay with them for the rest of their lives. To see them have strong, healthy, thriving bodies while living their best quality of life. To help them restore The Temple of the Holy Spirit. To help them to honor the body they have been given as a beautiful gift and blessing. To encourage them to be light for their family, friends, and colleagues and lift up others who may be struggling with the same battles.


We see mindset, diet and nutrition, fitness and lifestyle as a whole and not separate from each other. You decrease the time to transform and change by simultaneously focusing on all the pillars. We put all our effort and resources into reducing time and maximizing results. All the action and knowledge go in on one side so you can experience the permanent health transformation on the other side.

We have spent a tremendous amount of time testing ideas and concepts on ourselves to find the simplest, most effective, and safest methods to get you the results you have always wanted. We don’t hold back on sharing these priceless insights, knowledge, and experiences to keep you beholden to us. Instead, we gladly give you everything we know and what we continue to learn ourselves.


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